Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Local news Blog and the Picture of the Day

   I have been enjoying the local news coverage on 'Facebook' from 'windsoriteDOTca'. Since I have been trying to use my camera more and get more experience shooting; I have been taking it with me more often when out and about. I have also run out on the spur of the moment when opportunity knocks. So for instance the Oct 26th photos of the sunset at the Detroit river. I have been trying to block more steadily and have been  uploading to the flicker account. I have gone on my first World Wide Photo Walk and intend to go again next year.  Anyway all this to get back to my initial statement about the 'windsoriteDOTca' coverage of my city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  They have a 'Photo of the Day' and they feature obviously photos by locals taken locally. So last friday night I joined their 'flicker group' and uploaded my first 6 pictures (from the three different sets of Autumn pics I posted in my blog, here. They only allow 6 photos per upload. So I sent them in and figured if they used one at all with in the month or so, I would be happy to get any recognition for a shot being worth while. That also takes into account that I would send some other shots along within the week. So anyway, I go back on line about 3 hours later to do some other work on my Genealogy and there is a new e-mail waiting for me. It was from 'windsoriteDOTca' and they were informing me that they were using one of my photos for the photo of the day the next morning. So this past Sat. Nov. 3, 2012, I had the honor of being the featured photo photographer. 

    Here is the e-mail I received


Hi JFWG47!

Here's the most recent activity related to you.
IMG_4614 WM by JFWG47
IMG_4614 WM
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owen from windsoriteDOTca said:

Congratulations, your photo has been selected asPhoto of the Day on windsoriteDOTca (windsorite.ca) for Saturday November 3rd 2012!!

Photo of the Day is published every morning at 9:00am on windsoriteDOTca - windsor ontario's neighbourhood news, arts, music, events and city guide!


10 minutes 
  Here is the link if you want to check out the Photo of the day section....

  By the way the World Wide Photo Walk has announced the winners of the best photos, check it out at .....    http://scottkelby.com/2012/announcing-the-winners-from-my-5th-annual-worldwide-photo-walk/

        As I said above I definitely intend to go on the walk next year, and i will always "Remember When...." I took that first walk, and was inspired to keep pointing and shooting the things around me. 

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