Friday, April 7, 2017

Windsor Riverfront, Peace Fountain & Park

   So I haven't posted in a ong while I know. Of courese life gets busy and priorities take their place in line. However I still enjoy taking photo's of the beauty I find around me and of family. I am most likely not going to post on a very regular bases. I work, have church and other interest that Keep me from doing it as much as I probably woud like to. That all being said, I will still post as I find those things that insprie me to shoot. So this last August I was at the Riverfront park with my son, walking around and we were playing the Pokemon Go app (using it as a catalyst to get me out walking). I couldn't help but stop and shoot a few photo's as it was a gorgeous day/early evening. The last two were from another walk two nights later at Jackson Park (both locations here in Windsor, Ontario). So I hope you enjoy and like.

Looking out across and down the Detroit River at the GM/Ren Cen building's and Detroit skyline from the parking lot.

Walking from the parking lot toward the Peace Fountain.

Rainbow in the setting sunlight from the fountain spray.

Looking from with in the park.

Detroit in the background with setting sun and fountain in the center.

From the farther end of the park looking at the fountain, sun setting, ship out on the river and the Ren Cen a small speck on the horizon between the trees.

Heading back to the parking lot and zoomed in on the Detroit skyline with sun setting.

Sun setting behind the Detroit skyline with the Windsor riverfront walk in the foreground.

The oranges of the sun set behind the Detroit Skyline.

The WWII planes in Jackson Park, Windsor, Ontario at night.

Jackson Park tree at night. Just struck me the character of the shape of this trees trunck.