Monday, October 20, 2014

Scott Kelby 7th Annual World Wide Photo Walk Oct 11, 2014

   Another year another walk. I haven't been actively blogging this year, been busy with life in general. I did make it a point to shoot every so often and to definitely go to the Photo Walk this year. My Son and I went and it was in the Sandwich West area of Windsor this year. The old city jail, Mackenzie Hall, the church and grave yard at the corner and a block down is the river front with the Ambassador Bridge within blocks of the meet up location. There were about 30 - 35 of us this year and while waiting to get started you couldn't help but notice that the Edwin Hydro Dept. was working from that corner down to the river hanging new lines.  I snapped a few and headed over to the grave yard to take some shots. Lots of the other photographers were circling outside the yard and I snapped a few myself. I also do the family genealogy and so I am familiar with shooting in Grave yards and know that they are open to the public and as long as you are respectful, no one has a problem. So I headed in to start shooting in the yard, and once I did; the flood gates opened so to speak and the others followed suit. We then headed for the river and found some great shots. Back toward the original meet up site and we were  headed in the direction of the restaurant we were suppose to meet at after the shoot. So I grabbed my truck and decided to move it down there so we could leave right after. As we were driving over I remembered that Indian Rd. was nearby. It is an urban street running parallel to the Ambassador Bridge. The owner of the Bridge bought up most to the homes on both sides of the street from Riverside up the 4 blocks. He was planning to build a mirror bridge alongside the Ambassador Bridge. The homes are all boarded up and or fenced off. We finished up taking pictures there before meeting the rest of the group.

The Old Jail, side alley to garage #1

Old restored grave marker with smaller one leaned up against it.

Broken grave markers.

Angel grave marker.

Same Angel different lighting.

Old trailer in grave yard.

Crane sitting by the water.

Shopping cart in the water.

Old mooring pylons by the river.

Hydro trucks through the wires.

Mackenzie Hall.

Boarded up with graffiti.

Little late for Basketball.

View under the Ambassador Bridge, looking toward Detroit.

Looking from Indian Rd. down a side street to the University of Windsor. 

Just liked the contrast of the Bridge in the background of the boarded up houses; that may never be torn down to build another bridge. Such a waste of housing.