Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Foggy Nov 19 2012 Morning In Windsor (Part 2 The Peace Fountain Park on Riverside)

    So I continued to look for opportunity to take some photo's on this foggy morning, and drove down to the  Peace Fountain Park at the riverfront. I thought that maybe I could get some shots of the GM building (REN CEN) in Detroit as the sun burned the fog off the river. Kind of appearing in the distance out of the mist. But even by 11 am it was still thick over the river, even though you could look the other direction over Windsor and see clearly for a good long way and see clear blue skies. I hadn't eaten breakfast and my sugar was getting low, so I had to quit by then. I got some pictures of the gulls and ducks though. The one with the gull on the corner of the fence with another one flying over was a great opportunity and in the grayed out area to the right (where I placed my water mark) is where the GM building would have been, if you could see through the fog. I did lighten up the one with the duck in the water on notch, it was to grayed out otherwise.  Looking through the spider web with the water droplets on it makes me "Remember When...." I was a kid and use to wonder how come the web didn't melt with the water on it, let alone survive the pelting of the drops hitting them.

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