Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall is Here - Part 3 - Walking Trails off Wyandotte E., Windsor, Ontario

   So I take Wyandotte E. to Banwell every Sunday to church.  I always mean to take my camera and leave early at this time of the year and forget to.  So a couple weeks back I took the camera and went right after church. My son Liam came with me and we snapped a few. Here are the best of that set taken Oct. 21, 2012.  There are some trails that connect up with the main trail that has been running along the river front for years (the Ganatchio Trail) and in this section it comes from the south side of the road and goes through a tunnel under Wyandotte Street E. and continues on to connect to the main trail at the river. There is a large pond in this section and in the background you can see an old brick building sticking up. It is an old storage ware house build back in the early 1900's.  "Remember When would go for a walk in the autumn colors?

South side of street.  A path of color.

South side again. My son walking the path.
 I played with the color and contrast a little to see the pop.

A bare tree on the North side next to the path.

Looking through the under growth
 over the pond to the other side. 

Looking from shore side across the pond.

This was taken on the way back home. It is a view from
 Jefferson street looking west to the  G.M. headquarters
 in Detroit in the distance at rails end.

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