Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 4 2013 Windsor GM, Via, Hiram Walker & Ford's

    It's been to long. I have had some changes over the last few months and now a few more. Haven't had to to take many pictures or do my Genealogy  or my blogs. I had to get out and take some shots and so It was a nice and cloudy night out. I went down to the river front area and more specifically the newly build train station and found some inspiration in the area. As I was driving down over the tracks toward the train station I glanced to the left. I have noticed before the view of the GM building; or Rec Cen as it was known, before. It is view of it looking between two of the Hiram Walker buildings and under a walkway built between them.  So I set up my tripod and snapped a few.

     Love the Dark blue of the sky and the crispness of the buildings.  You see why I had to snap a few, after months of nothing.  Then I turned around and snapped a few of the train sitting in the station and the new station. The contrast of darkness and the redness of the shadowed side just contrast so nicely.

    As I was driving out of the station to see what else I could shoot, I noticed the Ford Smoke stacks. I have shot them before from down river on the other side; but haven't shot them from this side so close. So I decided to drive back around to shoot them; however as I got to the light I noticed another of the Hiram Walker buildings across the street, right on the river front. It has a lot of glass in it and it is reflecting the sky from the sunset sky and is just a great shot. So I parked and got those shots next.

    Love the look of these. The dark blue in the windows and the browns lf the brick and tree. Just so good I looked up as I drove up to the light at this corner when I did. I could have missed it. So then I ma standing there getting these shots with the camera on the tripod and I have to try to take it while no cars are coming. I don't want light streaks in it. However i have wanted to take pictures with light streaks; and so here is a clear opportunity. So I adjust the tripod and snap a few.

   For my first ever of these; not to bad. I definitely want to do something more, and more dramatic; but again for a first time, i am happy with the outcome of these.  So lastly I have to turn around and get the shots of the Ford Smoke stacks building. I turnaround and there is a parking lot directly ahead of the exit to the train station. It has some truck trailers in it and is otherwise empty. So lots of room to park and set up.

    So for a first time shooting in months, I have to say it was nice to have a great night, and to see some new inspiration. Can't wait to see what else presents itself. I have missed this.