Monday, February 27, 2012

RCMP Musical Ride in Windsor May 25, 2008

   I took my son to see this show at the Windsor Stadium behind my old high school (Hon. W.C. Kennedy Collegiate).  It was a really nice show. They had other riding schools open the show and a Scottish Pipe marching band. However the RCMP where the best part of the show.

    As they got ready to come out on the field for their part of the show they got staged in formation along the side of the bleachers we were sitting on. So when I looked over and saw them, I thought it was a great opportunity for a shot or two. I decided to turn the camera on an angle and not take the picture directly on in a traditional squared off shot. Was I ever glad I did. When I got home and uploaded the pictures and saw how it turned out, it became my favorite shot of the lot. Something about it's composition just looks right. I really want to get it mounted on one of those canvas's; where they stretch it over and around the frame. Then I'd have to play with it for hanging. I'm torn between hanging it traditionally so you look at it and maybe tilt your head to see it straight (like your doing right now)...or... do I hang it on the angle so it appears as if you are looking at it straight but of course the edges are all such that it is like diamond shaped.


     I liked these next couple as they are riding in formation and the dust is kicking up.  The last one of these is my second favorite as the one lone rider is heading toward the camera and the other three to the three opposing corners.

    In the next few they continue with some formations including some charges. In the third one they are formed up for the end of the show and one horse is not happy to stand there and so the RCMP rider has to lead him out to calm him down. Then the forth one he leads him over toward the fence to keep him calm and we get the Lone Mounted Policeman.

    Lastly as they were riding off in formation, they pass by with my old High School in the back ground (the back gym/pool/auditorium building). It looks like some old fortress though, so a nice shot.

      So I hope you enjoy these, let me know what you thing. I will always "Remember When..." I took my son to see the RCMP Musical Ride.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Planes of Jackson Park Windsor

    Here in the middle of Windsor we have a large public park with a Garden section, baseball fields, tennis courts, play ground equipment and two WWII fighter planes with memorial plaque to those men who gave their lives in service to their country. Here below is one of my favorite shots I took one night of them. A Spitfire and a Mustang.

     You can almost imagine they are doing a low level fly by. If you can take the poles out of the equation (LOL).   I took these on May 6, 2007, the planes where up here about a year or two at the time and I had just gotten my camera. I had been itching to take some photo's of the new planes and so drove to the park just before sunset.  

     From this front look you can see the memorial and in the back ground (beside the park) is the W.C. Kennedy Collegiate High School. (I graduated from there back in the mid 80's).  

    From this angel you can see just over the memorial plaque and under the Planes themselves, that there is a cement curb in the shape of a large plane. You can also see it in the first photo.  This is because a different plane use to reside in this spot for more years then I can remember. A Lancaster bomber from WWII use to sit on a giant cement pedestal on this very spot. When I was a kid and through out my teen age years (while attending Kennedy H.S.), and for year before and after the Lancaster was a land mark of our park.  Then a few years before the change to the fighters a group of concerned citizens formed a committee to save and restore the \Lancaster. The years of sitting out through the elements had taken a tole on the dear old plane. So it was taken down and moved to a hanger/museum at the Windsor Airport; where efforts are under way to restore her to flying capabilities. They then had the curbs put in with a garden and the current memorial above it. In order to help raise awareness of the restoration efforts and funds to help with said restoration they also towed her out from the airport after the restoration had started and parked her in the parking lot at the local mall. Where the plane was opened up for tours to the public for the first time.

     The wings were off of course to tow through the streets. You started by climbing the stairs up under the nose into the cockpit and through the center passing navigation and into the hold past the open bomb bay doors and out the back hatch on the other side. They had one of the engines on a block outside to view.  The Bad Penny Lancaster Bomber. I took my kids through and I think I was more excited then they were. Mainly because I "Remember When...." I use to go to the park and see her there. My kid's never really did. they were to young and not as interested at that age. But I will never forget and the photo's will help me to continue to "Remember When...."