Monday, October 15, 2012

The 5th Ann. World Wide Photo Walk Day - Oct 13, 2012

     Well I came across a blog on "Google +" about this event and followed the trail to the main web page for the event a few weeks before it happened. I was interested in the event and the chance to get out with other Photographers to share the the experience with. I hadn't heard of the walk prior and found out on the site that the local walk did have a leader; and that he had picked Jackson Park as the spot for the local walk. I have taken a few shots there, as can be noted from the few other blogs I have done so far. More importantly next to Jackson Park is my old high school, The Honorable W.C.Kennedy Collegiate Institute. I have wanted to take some shots of the school just as a matter of nostalgia for a while. So I signed up and went this past Saturday. I am off work presently as I am post operative (had emergency surgery a month ago), and while I am doing really well; this was a challenge to walk around for 2 hours, go to a restaurant for an hour or so after and then I had a family dinner (we did Thanksgiving together Sat. as not everyone could make it the weekend before). My Son Liam came along to help carry the case and to take some photo's himself. we really enjoyed the day and here are some photo's of our walk. Hope you enjoy.

Above: Hon. W.C. Kennedy C.I. - High School or Windsor, Ont., Canada

Above: Old Vines on the wall of school.  Liked the look of this in the Black & White best. 

    The next few were taken by me in and around the "Queen Elizabeth II Gardens" of Jackson Park, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The first is a lamp post in the central area near the pond taken through the surrounding tree's and undergrowth of the Garden. We were walking through and I just glance up in this direction and had to stop and take a few steps back. glad I did, I think the composition of the surrounding foliage and the lamp in the middle turned out well. 

  This second one is the sun dial monument that stands at the back right of the middle path of the Q.E. II gardens. I just snapped the one on a whim. I didn't take any others as I normally would. When I got back home and looked at it on the computer though I thought it turned out pretty good.

    There are of course all sorts of plants and flowers in the garden. Of course at this time of the year they are starting to wilt and die. But a good number of plants still held a lot of life and color. I took several shots of a good number of them.  This one just jumped out at me though. The color is crisp and the framing worked out about perfect.

    Again the plants were everywhere  and this one just about leaps through the lens, the camera and into your  eye as you take this photo.  I Just had to include it & the next one. That one just struck me as the colors all blend together in the various shades of brown.

    Lastly are a few of the shots my son took.  The first one here is a tree stump cut with a seat back that is hidden in underbrush surrounding the Q.E. II Gardens. It is just visible as you walk the path and since it is on an incline and a bit slippery, I couldn't go in. He asked for the camera and stepped in and took a couple of shots. I wasn't sure exactly what he was shooting until he came out and showed me the screen. Then when we got home and saw it, it really became apparent what he had shot. It was a really nice shot. 

    As we walked around looking at things to shoot, we had just finished taking some shots of a tree with a strange lean to it and walked down the path a little. Liam asked for the camera again and as I was saying look at the colors of the trees over there he was turning and saying" Yeah, I know. That's what I'm shooting."

      The pond in the Q.E. II Gardens was great under the overcast sky for reflections. It was just making the most of them. Liam took this one and Ii think it was the best of the ones we shot. The sculpture in the pond, with the war memorial wall behind and the planes and trees behind that.

    This last one Liam took the camera and put it up against the lamp post, pointed to the sky. He changed the settings a few times taking shots and again it wasn't until we got home that we saw this one. the texture of the pole, the image view up to the lamp and the over cast sky above.  Nice shot kid.

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