Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall is here ....Part 1 - Did you see that Sunset Last Night (Oct 26, 2012)?

    Well we were sitting around playing Diablo III last night. When my son Liam gets up and looks out the open front door; and says look at the color outside. The sun was setting and everything was turning shades of Yellow, Orange & red. So immediately we pause the game, grab the camera case and are in the truck. I was going to head to the Old Walkerville area to get the contrast of the leaves turning color with the sunset colors but; there was no way we would make it there in time. So since the river front is closer, we headed that way. Am I glad he noticed when he did. I would hate to have missed it.  I took them from the rivers edge next to the parking lot for the park where the Peace Fountain is located. You can see the GM Headquarters (Ren Cen) in Detroit to the right and or centered in on. On the left (or centered) is the Windsor side with the two smoke stacks of the Ford power plant on riverside and to its right is the Catholic Church a few blocks over on Riverside. You can see the color of the sky through the Bell towers. Near the bottom is a picture I took near the end. My hands where getting cold as I waited for the different shots and so they shook and the lights of and around the GM building got pulled and left the light lines in a sort of "S" form. I thought for a mistake it looked pretty cool so I kept it.  Enjoy.

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